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Day Camp in Israel

Looking out over the most beautiful view in Israel… Kimama summer camps, in cooperation with the Bereisheet nonprofit organization, present a  summer program geared toward Israelis living outside of Israel who will be coming to Israel during summer.

Kimama – Bereisheet is a day camp being held in Beit Yanai which provids a secure, interactive educational framework for kids aged 5-15.  A team of Hebrew-speaking Israeli counselors will lead a program of up to eight unforgettable weeks, presenting a powerful and enjoyable experience that will broaden children’s horizons while continuing to connect the next generation to its Israeli roots throughout the summer.

Info Session

You’re invited to a virtual information meeting to meet Camp Kimama’s leading team as well as representatives of Bereisheet.  Come find out more about camp and have all your questions answered.

Dates for future info sessions will be published here soon.

Sessions will be held at 7:00 p.m. Israel time / noon EDT / 9am PDT 

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Activities at Camp

Activities at camp let campers form friendships and build new connections, develop their sense of ability and independence, and strengthen their self-confidence and experience with face-to-face communications (camp is a phone-free zone).  We put great emphasis on building this framework.  The camp program is full of challenge and experience activities throughout the entire day. These activities create a framework which we then infuse with educational/Israeli content. We believe that through games, songs, and tasks, we can make every activity more enjoyable, more educational, and more of a catalyst for growth. The list of activities includes surfing, swimming pool, beach volleyball, soccer and basketball, technology, circus, arts and crafts, field cooking and camping skills. All leadership and activity instruction takes place in Hebrew.  Enrichment activities are held throughout the summer in the following areas: music, theater, dance, sports, Israeli culture, and additional activities to strengthen campers’ Israeli identity.

Dates & Prices

Camp will take place between July 4 and August 26, 2021, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., Sunday through Thursday.

Children arriving by bus will be picked up around 8 a.m. and returned around 5 p.m.

Summer 2021

Price per week

1900 NIS

 Transportation per week (optional)

450 NIS

  • Early Bird Discount - 200 NIS per week (valid until November 30th)
  • The number of weeks attended does not necessarily have to be continuous; you may choose certain weeks from throughout the entire camp period
  • You may make changes at any time up to the beginning of camp, subject to availability
  • There is a 5% discount for second and further children registering
  • Cancellation Policy - Full refund until March 31
  • Opening of the camp / or planned activities is conditional upon approval by the Ministry of Health

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Food and Nutrition

All food served at camp is kosher and meets all required health standards. The camp menu combines campers’ desires with parents’ natural wishes. In other words: it’s fun and healthy too.  Every day at camp, campers receive a snack at 10 a.m. which includes fruits or snacks, a hot meat lunch in the dining room and a snack in the afternoon.  Counseling staff supervise every aspect of children’s nutrition throughout camp, and if any child has a personal issue, whether medical or otherwise, we are prepared to respond in the best possible way.  Please inform us ahead of time of any such circumstances so that we can be prepared.


The marine village has a clearly-defined boundary and is surrounded by a fence. It has clearly defined gates, and is completely guarded and secured in a way which allows full control over anyone entering or leaving the area. During camp, no entrance or exit is permitted without prior arrangement. Campers remain with counselors throughout all activity periods.



The marine village has a clinic staffed 24 hours a day by a medic who is fully prepared to respond to any medical need. In the event of such occurrence, a camper will be treated by a nurse or doctor, and should they deem it necessary – will be transferred to the nearest hospital (in Netanya). We do our very utmost when it comes to ensuring that campers drink sufficiently and avoid excessive sun exposure, as well as hygiene. Numerous cold-water stations are available throughout the site.


Full details about the camp’s preparations to deal with COVID-19 can be found in this document.

Safety at Camp

Throughout the entire camp, we follow strict, clear, and well-defined security procedures. A major part of our preparation plan for staff getting ready for the summer is dedicated to safety procedures and the need for everyone involved to do their utmost to ensure that these are followed. In addition, our counselors do all they can to ensure that your child drinks sufficient water and avoids excess exposure to the sun during the hottest hours of the day.

Beach safety – surfing activities: Going to the beach is done in an orderly fashion which is predetermined by the camp’s management team, security team, and counselor staff. Campers are not able to exit camp fences to get to the beach on their own. Additionally, counselors provide a detailed safety session before going to the beach. Activities take place in small groups, with close counselor supervision and oversight by camp management, according to guidelines determined by the Ministry of Education.

Arrival at Camp

Campers may arrive on their own at camp every morning between 8:45 and 9:15 a.m. Vehicle arrival and drop-off of children is done in the predetermined parking area.

We also offer a daily transportation service from the center of the country. Campers who choose this option will be picked up at one of numerous predetermined pickup points close to home and travel in comfortable, air-conditioned buses. Activities will be offered throughout the ride through songs and social games. Transportation is available for an additional fee of 450 nis per camper per week.

For your convenience, here is a list of bus stops according to areas and neighborhoods. These stops do not necessarily represent the route of the bus. Routes and times will be updated each week before the first day of camp.  This list of bus stops is subject to change in accordance with demand, traffic, and other required changes:

  1. South Tel Aviv – “HATACHANA” old train station
  2. North Tel Aviv – Reading
  3. Glilot – Cinema City
  4. Herzliya – Seven Stars (Shivat Hakochavim) Mall
  5. Kfar Shmaryahu – Wail Culture & Sports Center
  6. Ra’anana – Yad Lebanim

Additional routes may be offered to meet demand and according to the number of campers registering. For example: Holon, Rishon Letzion and points south, Netanya, Zichron Yaakov, Caesarea and points north.

* Minimum of 15 campers per stop

Questions and Answers

All participants in Camp Kimama – Bereisheet must be able to understand Hebrew, since activities at camp take place solely in Hebrew. Campers who don’t speak Hebrew could find themselves routinely in situations where they don’t understand what’s going on at camp. We do our utmost to avoid this unpleasant sensation, both for the camper and for the group. Our counseling staff adheres rigorously to camp policies, and lead all activities solely in Hebrew in keeping with Bereisheet’s values.

The swimming pool isn’t heated, but during the summer months, it’s hot enough in Israel and the water is warm and pleasant throughout the day. The pool is half-Olympic sized and purpose-built for summer camps and children. The depth begins at the shallow end and increases to 7 feet. Water in the pool is chlorinated.

Most camp activities take place in open areas and wooded natural spaces, under gazebos or shade cloth.  The camp property does include air-conditioned activity rooms which are suitable for activities and we will use these as needed.

The camp area has a single gate, allowing for strict control of vehicles and pedestrians entering and exiting. While camp is in session, no admission is allowed without prior arrangement with camp management.

The camp property is extremely large and divided into various areas and separate spaces distributed around the property. While Kimama – Bereisheet is operating, there will be one additional Kimama camp, Kimama Hof, an overnight camp which operates throughout the month of August. There may be additional camps as well for short periods of three to four days throughout the summer, but they will operate in a different area and have no contact with our campers. The property is authorized to accommodate up to 800 participants, but at no time will there be more than 400 campers in total.

All camp activities are located about 5 minutes’ walk from the center of camp. Surfing activities will take place at a surf club located in the center of the marine village, and going down to the beach nearby takes about 10 minutes.

Prior to campers’ arrival at the property, spraying is done as well as deep cleaning and sanitization of all public spaces. Nevertheless, we request that parents apply (spray / spread) mosquito repellant on their children prior to arrival at camp.

For any additional questions or information, please fill out the form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible

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